Why Alumni?

Your alumni are one of your biggest, organically-growing marketing resources. By connecting with your satisfied customers (alumni) we can help enhance your reputation, inform curriculum planning, and provide testimonials highlighting the effectiveness of your courses, as well as providing knowledge and opportunities for your current learners.

Find out how

Our Founder and CEO Kieron White had worked with over 70 Further Education Colleges before he started Think Alumni. He realised that many Further Education Colleges weren’t harnessing the potential of their alumni. And with a large proportion of college alumni still living near college, the opportunities to get value from your alumni can be greater than in Universities.

Think Alumni have now worked with over 30 FE Colleges to deliver the following benefits:

  • Increased re-enrolments
  • Created Apprenticeships and work experience opportunities
  • Testimonials
  • A new channel for marketing and reputation
  • Gathered destinations data, and satisfaction data to inform curriculum planning and as evidence for Ofsted
  • Alumni volunteering programmes of inspiring speeches, workshops, award-sponsorships and more

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