ONCAMPUS Are Think Alumni’s First Global Partner

Think Alumni is delighted to announce a new partnership with its first international client, the ONCAMPUS division of Cambridge Education Group.

Think Alumni will develop a global alumni network for ONCAMPUS, engaging former students from over 70 countries to develop the brand and reputation of ONCAMPUS centres across the UK, Europe and the USA. Think Alumni bring their combined knowledge of the education sector and alumni engagement experience to support ONCAMPUS’s ambition to connect with former students on a global scale and benefit its students long after they have finished their course.

Think Alumni will create and manage the alumni group in partnership with ONCAMPUS. Think Alumni will provide ONCAMPUS with an alumni association website with access to a bespoke alumni database and create regular alumni-focused content aimed at a global network of education-leavers. Think Alumni will encourage volunteers to provide case studies and take part in networking events for ONCAMPUS alumni all over the world and will manage an online social network for former ONCAMPUS students to inspire discussion and networking.

Andrea Grassby, Marketing Director for ONCAMPUS said: “ONCAMPUS offers our students guaranteed progression to leading universities in the UK, USA and Europe. We want to ensure that throughout their time at university and after they return home they stay connected and engaged with their fellow students and with us. Through staying connected and reconnecting with former students, ONCAMPUS aims to continue providing benefits to our students long after their time with us.”

Think Alumni CEO Kieron White said: “I am excited to bring our experience to ONCAMPUS and to have the opportunity to work on a global scale. Since 2012 we have demonstrated the benefits that UK colleges can receive from engaging with their alumni and by working with ONCAMPUS we have the opportunity to bring these alumni benefits to an organisation with over 70 countries in its catchment area. This will be a first for Think Alumni and I am looking forward to the challenges and opportunities of creating and managing a truly international alumni group.”

About Cambridge Education Group

ONCAMPUS is part of Cambridge Education Group, the UK’s leading university pathway provider since 1952. Cambridge Education Group has offered university Foundation programmes since 1985 and successfully prepares hundreds of students for university every year. www.ceg-uk.com

Notes for Editors

Think Alumni is the leading Alumni Solution in the Further Education sector founded in 2012 by Kieron White. Think Alumni has worked with over 25 Further Education and Sixth Form Colleges to build powerful alumni associations and create long lasting relationships with former students. Think Alumni is proud to have reintroduced notable alumni to their former education institutions, facilitated the delivery of alumni led tutorials & workshops, while supporting the growth of Apprenticeships and re-enrolments for Colleges. The homepage is www.thinkalumni.com

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