Improve Learning & Impress Ofsted

At a time when FE colleges are under pressure to demonstrate their impact on the local community and the wider education sector, the need for a good Ofsted rating is more important than ever. When it comes to an Ofsted rating, anything a college can do to impress and demonstrate improvement is worthwhile.

We asked our clients for their top tips on utilising alumni to impress Ofsted, and they didn’t disappoint. From enriching the learning experience to improving destination data, an alumni focus can give you another tool for impressing Ofsted.

Curriculum enrichment

An alumni association doesn’t just benefit former students. It’s also there for the benefit of your current students, enriching their learning experience and improving the curriculum overall.

A comprehensive alumni solution will give you access to a wealth of inspirational professionals who’ve gone on to find success since leaving college.

Whether it’s running a workshop, attending a Q&A session or giving a talk to students, your alumni can add an extra dimension to your learning experience – keeping your students up-to-date with industry knowledge, demonstrable to Ofsted.

Student outcomes

With Ofsted increasingly focusing on student outcomes, having a handle on your destination data is vital. An engaged, active alumni community can make destination data collection more effective and efficient, delivering far higher response rates.

By building and maintaining a relationship with your former students you’ll find they’re more willing to share information with you, allowing you to track a student’s progression over the years.

Employer links

It’s well known that strong links with employers are key to a rich learning environment, and alumni can provide an unconventional route to employers. Our research suggests that many FE students remain in the local area after leaving college, making your alumni base the ideal place to start establishing local employer links.

Alumni engagement can lead to new employer connections that might otherwise have been missed, with individuals or organisations that have a positive view of your college, making employer links far easier to establish.

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