Employability Town helps students and young professionals boost their employability

In a highly competitive job market, the importance of harvesting relationships with your alumni and supporting their professional development is a task of great importance and significance.

The question, however, is not whether to support but how to help your students achieve their career goals, even after they have left.

Among many tools and resources available, organizing alumni events is highly effective. While you are boosting the professional skills of your alumni you are also finding out about their requirements, future goals and progression plans. Furthermore, you are building the relationship with your alumni network so that when the time is right, the service provider that springs to their mind first is you.

As with every event, there has to be something in it for alumni to attend. The promise of boosting their professional potential is highly effective. However, since your alumni will be at various stages in their career; setting up a business, hunting for a new job or preparing for the promotion – the right choice of the topic appealing to all alumni is a key to the successful event.

Employability Town is a training company that helps students and young professionals to become super-employable. It supports Colleges during their alumni events by providing workshops on soft employability and enterprise skills, offering topics that satisfy the variety of alumni requirements.

“Our workshops are practical, interactive and allow alumni to realise their full potential as well as identify and address any skills gap they may have” – says Klaudia Mitura, an experienced Employability Skills Trainer and Managing Director of Employability Town. “We work closely with the client to organise the event in line with the College aims. An example evening alumni event would comprise 1.5 hours of our selected workshop, presentation on College available support followed by a Q&A session and networking evening”.

Employability Town ‘s topics specifically targeted at alumni are:

  • The Power of Networking- exploring how to create beneficial contacts and develop networks in order to pursue exciting career opportunities
  • Building Your Online Image – learning practical tips on how to build a professional online brand that highlights one’s skills and experiences and makes them stand out of the crowd
  • Using LinkedIn for Job Opportunities – building a strong online presence to land a job or to progress within their industry with use of LinkedIn

“For us the most important is to assure that our workshops boost the professional skills of all alumni despite their current career situation while also giving them opportunity to ask any specific questions seeking advice for their future progression” – says Klaudia

One of Employability Town and Think Alumni’s clients, East Berkshire College, in their write up about a jointly organised event, pointed out that the sessions “were jam-packed with useful tips and invaluable advice on succeeding in today’s jobs market” while one of their former alumni provided the following feedback “This is the best workshop I’ve attended; It was very interactive, moved at a great pace and the trainer was excellent!”

“We are very proud of the feedback we receive with over 90% of alumni attendees feeling more confident in their abilities afterwards” stresses Klaudia.

For more information please visit: www.employabilitytown.co.uk

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