ONCAMPUS Are Think Alumni’s First Global Partner

Think Alumni is delighted to announce a new partnership with its first international client, the ONCAMPUS division of Cambridge Education Group. Think Alumni will develop a global alumni network for ONCAMPUS, engaging former students from over 70 countries to develop the brand and reputation of ONCAMPUS centres across the UK, Europe and the USA. Think [Read more…]

How Engaging Alumni can take the Pressure off Student Recruitment

The perennial headache for education marketers: how do I attract, engage and convert the next batch of 11, 16 and 18 year olds to my institution? Reimagining your key selling points and keeping campaigns fresh year after year starts to take its toll. So, how can re-engaging your former students save you time and help [Read more…]

Think Alumni to develop Alumni Association for Derby College

October 8 2015 – Think Alumni have today announced a new contract with Derby College to implement a comprehensive alumni solution. Working together to develop an active and engaged alumni community, Think Alumni and Derby College will create online resources to help both former and current students. As members of the Alumni Association, former Derby College students [Read more…]

Three reasons students return to their former college

The work of an FE college is never done, but at this time of year it really starts to pile up as recruitment turns into enrolment and the new academic year begins. How many of your enrolments for this year have come from former students returning to the college? Alumni recruitment can really take the [Read more…]

Improve Learning & Impress Ofsted

At a time when FE colleges are under pressure to demonstrate their impact on the local community and the wider education sector, the need for a good Ofsted rating is more important than ever. When it comes to an Ofsted rating, anything a college can do to impress and demonstrate improvement is worthwhile. We asked [Read more…]